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Cajun Salsa

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Thib’s Cajun Salsa is a delicious blend of tomatoes and spices. Take a dip today!

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King Sauce!

Thib’s Wing, Habanero and Ultimate Garlic Pepper Sauces are top-notch, louisiana based sauces that bring on the flavor!

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Thib’s Cajun Foods is a Louisiana based food company which sells cajun salsa, hot sauce, and wing sauce. Our goal is to sell quality foods that represent Louisiana and its’ people. Most of our products are sold to distributors and then sold in grocery stores.

Rouses Supermarkets is the largest seller of our products with about 70 stores in the New Orleans area, Mississippi, and Alabama. Thib’s products are also sold at 25 Market Basket grocery stores in SW La and SE Tx. There are many more small stores and restaurants that sell Thib’s.

We can ship one bottle, one case, or large quantities on pallets.

We are always looking for distributors and grocery stores outside of Louisiana. Please contact us for distribution opportunities and any other questions about our products.


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Where to Find Thib's

Available in local retail stores. See our Store Locator for your nearest location.

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